Thursday, April 17, 2014

It's Okay {+ a GIVEAWAY!}

It's all okay guys. It really is. 
We've been created into these monsters that are so obsessed with being enough for people who DON'T EVEN MATTER. Our clothes, makeup, friends, boyfriends, music choice...everything is being judged on a daily basis. And here's the kicker: we control who can judge us. Your feelings about other peoples opinions is what's killing you inside. Literally, it's killing you. You're dying right now. You know how I can tell? You're thinking about things that you don't like about yourself because someone else made you hate them about you. How terrible is that?

I hate being alone. Like hate it. I'm the oldest of 7. I'm not used to personal space or alone time. Sleeping alone seriously is my biggest pet peeve. And if I don't have plans I become this anxious monster that can't stop (won't stop) until plans have been made. But you know what I hate being alone? Cause I've been made to believe that I'm not good enough for anyone. That people leave and never come back. So if I have them near me it brings me comfort and I'm not afraid. 
Want to know the real reason I'm single? I completely ruin every relationship before they even have a chance to survive. Making assumptions, obsessing over every little detail and going crazy before he can even know the real me. *Deep breath* Did I really just tell strangers on the Internet all this? 

I don't know where all of this honesty has come from or why it came today, but I'm glad it did. I'm weak. I'm confused. I don't really have a plan. I hate being alone. I probably cry more than normal people. But guys.... it's okay. You're okay. You will be okay.

Ps. Come enter this giveaway cause this planner is awesome. And we are awesome too. Okay. Okay. 

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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Online Dating Chronicles of a Single Girl

I swear I'm just going to write a book about online dating. Guys how many times have I swore off online dating? Like a billion times okay. The other day I reactivated by OkCupid profile (aka Sketch, Sketch City bitch) and redownloaded Tinder for 3 seconds and then remember why I deactivated it and deleted it immediately. The OkCupid thing honestly gives me some great blogging material (insert YOLO here) so let's just talk about that.

Gets 47 views and no messages. Okay so out of the 47 of you none of you thought it would be okay to message me? Is this even real life

This is not appropriate for children under the age of 18 to see. This is also not a drill. 

You can't be that stupid. My profile says single and I'm on an online dating site dude. 

And then Fallon bought 27 cats and called it a day. 
Ps. Today's my first day at my new job. Here's a professional selfie. 

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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The One.

No guys, I didn't get a boyfriend. Or engaged. We can all let out a huge cackle and slap our knees now. But something big deal did happen in my life. 

I got a big girl job. My first one ever

As of tomorrow I will be a Receptionist/Processor for Continental Title Company and I couldn't be more excited. I've been actively searching for my big girl job since September 2013 and in all honesty I had given up hope. I was starting to get discouraged with my direction in school, but with this position I can finally focus on a major and freaking graduate

I don't feel like this is even real right now guys. For real.

The last few days have been beyond amazing and I've been extremely blessed to live through them. Remember that time I wrote about how love was for me? Yeah cause it is. And sometimes I forget that. And hurt people. And run - not physically cause ain't no body got time - away from my problems. But guess what, that's not who I am. And I am starting to learn to love who I am. 

Guys, this is real life. And I can't wait to dive into it.  photo signature-42.png

Monday, April 14, 2014

Weekend Lessons

Monday, Monday we meet again. This Monday might be worse than any Monday because this weekend it was 80* and today it's going to snow. Welcome to Kansas, y'all. This weekend was one for the books. When I say I've been livin' for the weekend I wasn't lyin'. I learned .... 

.... That a beautiful sunset and a gorgeous bride are the perfect combination. 
.... I can't attend a reception without gettin' down with the guests. Those pictures were fun 
.... I love love love baby Avery.
.... Sometimes I'm good at talking people off the ledge when I'm drunk. 
.... And sometimes I just sound like a complete idiot 
.... Don't drink a bottle of wine in 15 minutes. Or do. Cause YOLO
.... Wearin' dresses and boots makes me feel really sexy. 
.... I'm apparently crazy for paying $30 for a mint green & white chevron shirt. (I'll take that kind of crazy y'all) 
.... There's nothin' like lazy Sundays
.... Miller Lite has officially become my beer of choice. Bye, bye Coors Light 
.... If you love something, set it free. If it comes back it's yours. If it doesn't it never was. 

What's something that you learned this weekend?

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Friday, April 11, 2014

5 on Friday

1. I don't think anyone understands how freaking happy I am that it is Friday. For some reason this week was literally the longest week in existence. I'm not 100% convinced that it's even Friday. I'm afraid someone is going to jump out and say LATE APRIL FOOLS IT'S ACTUALLY MONDAY. Cue tears. 
2. I'm shooting a wedding tonight. I'm excited and nervous, mostly excited though! Wish me luck and say a few prayers for me today :) 
3. I might be hanging out with a boy Saturday. Maybe. Or maybe not. You'll never know (yes you will I'll end up blogging about it let's be real
4. I spent time with Jesus yesterday morning and this morning and I feel like a new person. God is good. 
5. There's 3 tall boys and a bottle of wine in my refrigerator. They won't be there come Sunday. Yeeyee.
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